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Bold Collective Acquires Pretio Interactive to Bolster Distribution and Efficiency for Mobile Growth

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., June 7, 2021 ( - Bold Collective, growth marketing for brands and developers, today announced the acquisition of Pretio Interactive, Inc.

Bold Collective, comprised of Opn Media (, and recently launched connected TV ad manager division, SecondPage (, just announced the acquisition of Pretio Interactive, Inc. as their third division under Bold Collective. Pretio Interactive is a 12-year-old data-driven media-buying agency, focused on distribution and efficiency for mobile growth-based brand budgets. With the acquisition, Bold Collective will retain the Pretio Interactive staff, all of the current partnerships, as well as their mature tech stack. The tech stack enables cloud-based automation through API that drives efficiency for all connected agency budgets across 3,000-plus campaigns from 60-plus mobile growth-based agencies. In addition, the automation technology includes a built-in proprietary click-detection system that filters bad traffic before sending it to any brand or any DSP. The tech stack creates an end-to-end, budget-efficient, and brand-safe system for ad agencies that belong to it.

"We have partnered with the Pretio Interactive team for over four years and are extremely excited to have them join the Bold Collective family," says Dan Alexander, CEO/Founder of Bold Collective. "We have always been very impressed with the Pretio team, their strategy, and their tech stack that's sole purpose is to drive efficiency and performance for mobile growth-based brand budgets. The acquisition fits perfectly into the Bold Collective's mission to continue to drive growth for brands and developers," continues Alexander.

Tyrone Sinclair, CEO of Pretio Interactive states, "This is truly an exciting development and marks the beginning of a new era for Pretio Interactive. For over a decade, Pretio has focused on providing efficiency and high conversion rates for performance marketers, and our team looks forward to continuing this mission with Bold Collective. Pretio has enjoyed working with the Bold Collective crew and the Pretio team members who are moving forward with them are excited about the future. All in all this acquisition is such a good fit for our team."

The Pretio team will continue to operate as is and flow in nicely under the current Opn Media division of Bold Collective.

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Dan Alexander CEO/Founder


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