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Bold Collective Launches CTV Ad Manager Division, SecondPage

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bold Collective, driving outcome-based solutions for brands and publishers, today announced the rebrand with the new name, Bold Collective, as well as the launch of their new CTV Ad Manager division, SecondPage.

Bold Collective, formerly Bold Screen Media, is coming into their sixth year of operation and having quite the nice uptick in growth compared to 2020. "The industry is ever-changing, and brands need to be more selective with identifying digital companies that can help with certain pin-point solutions across the digital landscape," says CEO / Founder of Bold Collective, Dan Alexander. "While we have ALWAYS focused on two of the fastest growing environments of digital, Mobile and Connected TV, we wanted to address the select divisions to our clients and publishers around our specific areas of focus." The Bold Collective intends to continue to add additional divisions within similar environments and to continue to support other outcome-based digital solutions for brands and publishers.

Additionally, Bold Collective has launched their newest division, a connected tv ad manager business called SecondPage. SecondPage's focus will be on the secondary market of channels that rarely are recognized amongst big brands and the common viewer, but showcase amazing content built for connected tv platforms. SecondPage will offer both CPM / branding objectives as well as performance-based Cost-Per-Install models. "SecondPage has been a yearlong project in the works, and we couldn't be more excited to announce the launch of this division. Working with CTV channels that often get unrecognized nor receive the credit they deserve is a secondary market that we're very comfortable helping grow," comments Dan Alexander.

Bold Collective is on a massive, high growth trajectory with its core business, Opn Media, the launch of SecondPage, and a few additional divisions/solutions in the works. Expect much more to come from this young company in the near future!

Media Contact:

Dan Alexander

SOURCE Bold Collective


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