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Aspect ratio:

4:3 (400 x 300, 1920 x 1080)
File size: 25-100 MB
Video length: :15, :30, :60
File type: .mp4


Standard Banners:

300x50 / Max file size: 15 KB

320x50 / Max file size: 20 KB

300x250 / Max file size: 40 KB

320x480 / Max file size: 200 KB

640x100 / Max file size: 20 KB

728x90 / Max file size: 100 KB

1024x768 / Max file size: 100 KB

Accepted formats:

PNG, GIF, JPEG, Animated GIF 3 loops max 

:15 max animation.


Interstitial Ads:

320x50 or 300x250 / Max file size 100 KB

320x480 or 728x1024 / Max initial load 200 KB

Mobile Video Ads:

2.2MB / 24 FPS

640x960 (aspect ration: 16:9 or 4:3)

Up to :30 seconds

Accepted formats:

PNG, GIF, JPEG, Animated GIF and 3rd party ad tags from various external vendors

Click Trackers

Impression Trackers (if required)

Mobile Performance

Music, Sound and Voice Tracks

Format: MP3, WAV, WMA, or OGG format

Bitrate: at least 128 kbps

Trimmed of slate/silence

Duration: 15 to 60 seconds (15 and 30 seconds are most used)

Companion Banner

Format: GIF, JPEG, PNG, HTML, JavaScript.

We recommend using the following companion banner sizes:

Widely Used:  Medium Rectangle (300x250px). This is the most used commonly used format for companion banners across all player formats.

Generally Used: Leaderboard (728x90px). This common format is typically used for desktop (browser-based) players.

Occasionally Used: Smartphone Static Banner (300x50px), and Smartphone Static Wide Banner (320x50px). These are fewer common formats are only used in mobile apps.

Tracking Codes

Format: 1x1 pixel only

Supported events: Audio impression and quartiles.


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